What is Transmedia


is a type of story where the story is unfolded through multiple media and communication platforms and in which a part of the consumers assumes an active role in the expansion process.

What is transmedia?

It is a term widely used in Marketing but it is very little put into practice, due to the difficulty that this entails.

Today we live in a multiscreen world where we are watching TV while watching Instagram, Facebook (on smartphone or notebook), or chat on Whatsapp. We surround ourselves with screens to do any of the daily activities.

Transmedia storytelling is a technique by which it is divided or developed across various platforms to form a coherent narrative.

Not only does it include the use of various channels of dissemination but it is about growing and expanding a story, through the sum of unique pieces of the narrative used in each medium. In addition, users must play a decisive role in such development. The ultimate goal is to engage the audience.


What is it for?

Transmedia is a way to generate unique experiences for the user and make them participate in a narrative that involves them much more and attracts them to what a brand proposes. A way to approach total creativity to use both different media and languages and to communicate any idea. In addition, it becomes a way to generate a community around the firm.

It is a way for the brand to be close to the audience and to stay interested in possible products or services. It seeks to attract interest, attract attention and become a very powerful tool to give visibility and customer loyalty.

Formats for transmedia

Some of the formats that can be used for the development of formats when you want to develop a content strategy with this multichannel narrative are the following:

  • Publications on social networks (videos, surveys, images, podcast, reels…)
  • Applications. Apps can range from a video game to an app that is a way to improve/make life easier for customers.
  • Interactive videos and QR codes. Interactive videos are a way to take advantage of traditional media but adapted to a more current world. QR codes serve to enhance an advertisement, through expanding the information of a product / service.
  • Video games. It’s using the game experience as a mechanism to generate a transmedia narrative.
  • Radio or podcast programs. It is a format that allows you to generate expectation and intrigue and that would put many people to talk about your brand or product.
  • Films
  • Events. Events that involve the story of a campaign.
  • Television series. Through using characters from movies and series and making them participants in alternative stories.