What is Reel


Reels are a function within the Instagram social network that allows both the creation and editing of videos from the app itself.

What are reels?

Reels are short videos, lasting no more than 60 seconds. In them you can include from filters, effects and music.

The video, which has already been created, can be published both in the feed and in stories or in the reels section.

It is available in more than 50 countries.

How does Instagram Reels work?

This is a functionality found within the same Instagram app, available on the homepage. It is distinguished because the icon is a clapper in the upper left corner. In addition, all profiles that create this type of content will have a tab with that same icon.

Users can react to reels as if they were another publication. You can do it both in the form of a comment and a like or by sharing it.

Reels work differently than videos. Therefore, within the post, the videos and reels are distinct. The video is square format and appears in the grid of the feed while the reel is a vertical video with its own tab in the profile.

How to apply it in a marketing strategy?

One of the fundamental reasons why reels are content that is becoming increasingly important in marketing strategies is because of their format. Increasingly, consumers prefer a visual format. They support the consumption of videos in a clearer way. The reasons may include:

  • They offer proximity.
  • They tend to be more entertaining and with it they get more hooked on people.
  • People have a greater capacity for retention in the visual format. Which favors being remembered.
  • It also allows greater creativity to creators, since it is a format that offers multiple possibilities.

Reels often impact people based on their interests. Which makes it less intrusive and more attractive to users. In addition, it is a favorable point to the company since we make sure that it not only impacts our followers but also potential followers who have similar tastes. In other words, it helps us to reach a new audience more easily and, therefore, scale insights.

Some tips that we can offer when generating reels are:

  • Create educational content: Offer information of interest on topics that are linked to the brand. It should not only be to sell the brand or the product. People are often interested in educational topics.
  • Join trends. We must observe the audios or challenges (among others) that are being used the most. Creative and fun videos should be made. The reels are, primarily, to show the funniest/most relaxed side of the company.
  • Give visibility to the team. You can perform a “behind the camera” to show how the company works, how you work, the people who are in it … It can also be used to tell funny things about the company, anecdotes, etc. It is closely linked to the previous idea of offering a human and relaxed atmosphere of the company.