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A good advertising strategy requires adequate diversification. This is one of the basic pillars of digital marketing that many companies ignore. It is not enough to appear only in google paid ads or in advertising on offline media. Social networks, and particularly Facebook and Instagram are some of the sites where internet users spend the most time. So, who doesn’t want to advertise on Facebook hand in hand with an experienced Facebook Ads agency?

All of these claims are supported by objective data. Almost half of the world’s population (45%) is active in some social network. This represents almost 3.5 billion users, of which 2.27 billion use Facebook (according to data from the 2019 We Are Social report). In Spain alone, we are talking about 24 million people. Do you need to know more to convince yourself about the need to advertise on Facebook Ads?

Facebook is the most heterogeneous social network. No matter their age or social class, everyone is on Facebook. It brings together people with all kinds of interests, concerns and buying trends, so it provides advertisers with a unique scenario to promote their products.

The segmentation possibilities of Facebook, with its sister network Instagram,are incomparable, since while most online media reach 38% of the target audience, with Facebook it reaches on average 89%. In addition, its greatest advantage is that it allows segmentation by qualitative data, while other tools focus on quantitative data such as age, purchasing power, etc.

An agency specialised in Facebook Ads

In Arimetrics we are specialized in creation and optimization of campaigns in Facebook Ads, with projects both nationally and internationally. We have technicians specialized in Google Tag Manager to carry out the implementation of the Facebook Pixel and be able to carry out Retargeting campaigns.

What is Facebook Ads and how does it work?

Facebook Ads is the platform that allows advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Advertising on the social network Mark Zuckerberg is characterized by high efficiency at a very tight price. It allows you to achieve a very high return on investment (ROI) with small campaigns. Imagine, then, what your business could achieve with a campaign optimized by a professional agency.

Facebook allows you to make specific campaigns about a product or service. It also makes it easy to promote one of the posts on the advertiser’s page. In both cases, the location of the ads is set: Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

Facebook ads can appear in the form of a static image or video. The only requirement that the social network demands to avoid becoming a bulletin board is that the images contain little text. If you overdo it, it’s easy for Facebook to reject your ad.

All these actions are done from theFacebook Ads ad administrator. However, to take advantage of the tool it is necessary to have advanced knowledge. The most basic thing is to understand its structure organized in campaigns, ad groups and ads, similar to that of Google Ads. And next, carefully decide the advertising objective, since each campaign can only have one (generate traffic to the website, get interactions, etc.).

Facebook Ads is a very powerful tool for local businesses such as restaurants, shops, workshops, etc., who want to segment by geographical location in a very small radius near their physical headquarters.

Advantages of Facebook Advertising

Frequently Asked Questions about our Social Ads Service

We specialize in helping our customers give visibility to your products and maximize your sales through ads in Facebook Ads.

We put our experience as an Agency in Facebook Ads in hundreds of projects at the service of our clients, so that in the shortest possible time we will have the campaigns underway and we will start the optimization process.

Through an exhaustive measurement of the metrics we will optimize the account with the aim that its performance improves month by month.

First of all, we arrange with the client a meeting in person, by phone or videoconference in which all aspects related to the service that best suits your needs and objectives are discussed, and based on this, the most appropriate management and investment budget in Facebook is established.

Once the proposal is accepted, we will collect as much information as possible about the sector and competitors,and we will have one or more meetings or calls with the client to know in detail the project and create the campaigns with the maximum focus and precision.

Then, we carry out all the creation or management of the Facebook advertising account,whose charges will go directly to the client’s account.

We periodically contact the client to inform them of the evolution of their campaign and once a month we send a detailed report with all the relevant information, which segments have worked best, better ads, fulfillment of objectives, proposals for improvement, among other indicators.

Likewise, our clients have telephone and email support with direct contact with your account manager.

Facebook Ads appear on both Facebook and Instagrampages, and different formats and types of ads can be chosen.

In our Facebook Ads Agency we offer personalized services, and we understand that each project has different requirements. Therefore, before bidding, we like to know the project in detail, to define its scope and offer a price adjusted to the maximum but with sufficient dedication to achieve success.

The cost of our management (Agency Cost) does not include the cost of the campaigns, which will be paid directly to Facebook


Arimetrics is a consultancy specialized in PPC and web analytics,with great accumulated experience in the management of SEM projects:

  • We are specialists in PPC:We manage advertising on all types of platforms.
  • Advanced measurement:In all our projects we apply all our analytical knowledge, and we measure each and every one of the relevant aspects of a website to improve and optimize it.
  • Own methodology:We guarantee a periodic maintenance of all accounts thanks to our internal management systems.
  • Data-driven decisions:We are certified analysts, specialists in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, and our entire strategy is based on measurement.
  • Conversion-oriented:Our main objective is for our customers to maximize their sales thanks to our good campaign management

In Arimetrics we boast of having an important portfolio of safisfechos clients and we operate by default without commitment of permanence and with 15 days of notice, unless the client expressly requests a guaranteed support contract for a certain period.

¿Qué es mejor, Google Ads o Facebook Ads?

Google Ads or Facebook Ads? We advise you on the best option

Many of our clients ask us the question about where to place their advertising campaigns. Is it more profitable to invest in Google ads and try to appear above organic searches? Or directly target the target audience on social media? Depends on. The most appropriate thing is to diversify the investment, but always with the professional advice of a good Facebook Ads agency.

Although you can make ads on Facebook on a budget, an inadequate strategy can waste time and money. Our Facebook Ads Agency has already managed dozens of projects, and the lessons they have given us will surely be applicable to yours.

Giving preference to Facebook or Google will depend on the objective pursued. Sometimes advertising on social networks is more positive to get engagement and brand awareness. With them you can take special actions such as raffles or publications that make the user get involved and create a link between him and the company. However, if the goal is to achieve immediate visibility in search engines, theideal is to have to target the campaigns to Google Ads.

Optimización de métricas de facebook ads

In any digital marketing strategy it is essential to analyze the return on investment. In Facebook Ads it is essential to monitor the results of the campaigns to detect errors and successes. To do this, Ads Manager offers all kinds of useful data and statistics.

The most important Facebook Ads metrics are:

  • Reach:The number of people who have seen the ad at least once.
  • Impressions:Times the ad has been shown. It is usually a greater amount than the reach, since a user has been able to see the message more than once.
  • Frequency:To calculate the average number of times a person has seen the ad, the number of impressions is divided by the reach figure.
  • CTR (click through rate): relationship between the times users have seen your ad and the number of clicks.
  • CPC (cost per click on the link).
  • CPA (cost per acquisition): depends on the conversion that is intended with each action.

There is also the possibility of getting to know the potential audience better through an exclusive element of this social network that many users do not know. Do you know what the Facebook pixel is and how it works? It is a tracking code that, once incorporated into the advertiser’s website, allows to discover the behavior of a user on that page. In this way, you can retargeting only those who have visited our site, for example.

Reasons to choose a Facebook Ads Agency

Being a user of a social network does not grant magical powers to know how to monetize the advertising of a company. Like everything in digital marketing, algorithm changes, changes in data privacy regulations and many other aspects change from one day to the next. Our recommendation is that you trust a professional and go to a good Facebook Ads agency for the following reasons:

  • We design the most efficient campaign based on your company’s objectives.
  • We optimize campaigns and ads to the maximum. The goal is to reach as tight a target audience as possible and achieve the highest number of conversions.
  • We guide you on the most successful creatives for each ad.
  • We advise you on your complete digital marketing strategy: where and when to invest, the most appropriate analytical tools, etc.

Do you need to improve your Facebook Ads campaigns?

Our Facebook Ads services are personalized and adapted to each project. Contact us and we will study your case in detail.

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