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A good advertising strategy demands adequate diversification. This is one of the basic pillars of digital marketing that many companies ignore. It is not sufficient to appear only in the paid advertising of Google or in advertising in ‘offline’ media. The social networks, and particularly Facebook and Instagram, are a part of our daily life and is one of the ‘places’ in which the Internet users spend more time. For this reason, who would not want to advertise in Facebook under the guidance of a Facebook Ads Agency with experience?

All these affirmations are supported by objective data. Nearly half of the world population (45%) is active in some social network. This means nearly 3,500 million users, of which 2,270 million use Facebook (according to data from the We Are Social report of 2019). Just in Spain, we are speaking of 24 million people. Do you need to know more to convince you about the need to advertise in Facebook Ads?

Facebook is the most heterogeneous social network. No matter your age or social class, everyone is in Facebook. It brings people together with all types of interests, concerns and purchasing tendencies, for which reason it provides the advertisers a unique scenario for promoting their products.

The segmentation possibilities of Facebook, with its sister network Instagram, are unmatched, since while the majority of the online media reach 38% of the target population, with Facebook an average of 89% is reached. In addition, its greatest advantage is that it allows segmenting by qualitative data, while other tools focus on quantitative data such as age, purchasing level, etc.

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At Arimetrics we are specialised in the creation and optimisation of Facebook Ads campaigns, with projects on the national as well as international level. We have technicians specialised in Google Tag Manager to implement the Facebook Pixel and be able to carry out Retargeting campaigns.

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