What is Instagram



is a free online photo-sharing app and social networking platform that Facebook acquired in 2012. Instagram allows users to edit and upload photos and short videos through a mobile app. Users can add a title to each of their posts and use location-based hashtags and geotags to index these posts and have them searched for by other users within the app. Each post by a user appears in their followers’ Instagram feeds and can also be viewed by the public when tagged using hashtags or geotags. Users also have the option to make their profile private so that only their followers can see their posts.


Instagram for Business

Like so many other social networks, Instagram has become a great source of profitability for companies, a place to interact with their users and publish their products. Instagram allows you to create business profiles with features unique to this type of account such as analysis metrics or advertising products. The design of Instagram is also perfect as a showcase since the design appears to be a kind of online shopping. In addition, company profiles are not the only way that companies have to advertise on Instagram, through influencers, user profiles with a large number of followers, they can reach sponsorship agreements to promote their products. Among the advantages of using Instagram for businesses are:

  • Increased visibility.
  • Improvement of the brand image.
  • Very profitable when it comes to advertising compared to other websites.
  • Redirect traffic to your website.

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