What is Online Presence

Online Presence


Online presence is the existence in digital media through the different online search systems. In the digital age it is one of the essential requirements for companies. It is the online representation of a company or person. In addition to the web, it also consists of presence in marketplaces, social networks and emails. The own brand is part of the online presence.

Components of the online presence

The construction of the online presence is managed by digital marketing and involves different disciplines:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Reporting
  • Social Media
  • Web Design
  • Usability

The online presence is therefore the sum of marketing efforts to publicize the brand, not only on the brand’s own website, but on all kinds of internet-based platforms in which it is possible to advertise and make known the products and / or services offered.

How to work with online presence

  • Most users research the company before finalizing a transaction. Online precedence is a competitive advantage because it allows you to stand out from the competition and show the best possible appearance. It should be simple for customers to find.
  • Improves visibility. Through customer testimonials or product reviews. Use the online presence to show the quality of the product you sell.
  • Take care of the relationship with the customers. The platforms and social networks that allow bilateral communication are very good to strengthen the relationship with the future client.

How to improve your online presence

Some of the recommendations for improving online presence are:

  • Clear definition of the role played by the company.
  • Keywords well focused, worked and understandable by users.
  • Optimized website.
  • Frequently updated and correctly used social networks.
  • Language of the target audience.
  • Valuable and attractive content.

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