What is WhatsApp

Definition: Whatsapp

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application for smartphones. The application allows us to send not only texts but also images, videos, audios, audio recordings (voice memos), documents, locations, contacts, gifs, stickers, as well as calls and video calls with several participants at once, among other functions…

In the application, the contact book is automatically integrated. This way, you can immediately know all the contacts who are using the app and who are not.

Unlike other applications it is not necessary to integrate any type of password to access the service.

Facts about WhatspApp

WhatsApp is presented as one of the most used mobile messaging applications in the world. Around 2 million users are active worldwide, based on data from the last year (2021).

Around 100 billion messages are sent throughout the day and people spend an average of 38 minutes.

How to use WhatspApp

Using WhatsApp is very simple. You only need to know a person’s mobile phone to be able to communicate with them. The first thing to do is to enter your mobile, both through the app and through the contact list. The next thing is to be able to send you the message, as long as you have the application installed. Keep in mind that, on certain occasions, the recipient has to approve first if he wants to receive them.

Is WhatspApp free?

Despite all the rumors that have been generated around this question, Whatsapp is still a totally free application. All functions remain so and the application continues to be funded through the information it obtains from the data it handles anonymously and applying it to Big Data.

WhatspApp Business

It is an application that can also be downloaded for free and its ultimate purpose is to meet the needs of small businesses.

WhatsApp Business allows much easier communication with customers, in addition to being able to show the products and services of your store, answer the questions they have during the experience.

With the application you can also create a catalog to show the products and services. In addition, there are special tools that allow you to organize and respond to messages quickly.

WhatsApp Business can also be used by medium and large companies, as they can use it for assistance and send important notifications to their customers.

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