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Ranking in the top Google results ensures good visibility and increased traffic.  On average, more than half of a website’s web traffic comes from search engines.  Trust your SEO to our  Agency specialized in web positioning. The best optimization tools with the greatest SEO experts. We are specialists in positioning.

Specialists in SEO positioning

Web Positioning is one of the basic strategies that any business that wants to use the online channel should pay attention to.

SEO is one of the most effective ways to get customers. Appearing among the top results in search engines guarantees an increase in quality traffic with high conversion potential.

Mastering web positioning is not easy. Over the years, search engines have been developing more and more. Changes to Google’s algorithms are not public or transparent, so it is necessary to constantly keep up to date.

Our policy in the SEO field has always been to bet on a natural and sustainable positioning over time. We understand that the success of an SEO strategy is the relevance of the contents and an optimal user experience.

Why bet on SEO for your website?

Customer Acquisition with SEO

Customer Acquisition

More than 60% of online sales come from visits from search engines. Achieving a good positioning should be your first option.

Primeras posiciones SEO

The first ones take everything

The websites located in the top 3 positions of Google get 60% of the clicks. If you're not on the front page you don't exist.

Estabilidad SEO

Stability over time

80% of the pages in the top positions are more than a year old. Consolidate your positioning and receive stable traffic.

Branding SEO

Boost your brand

40% of shoppers say their purchase decision is influenced by Google. SEO is essential for branding.

Our Professional SEO Service

Going to a professional SEO agency is key to defining and implementing an optimal search engine positioning strategy. The advanced knowledge of the consulting team and its access to specialized tools allow it to analyze in depth the web pages of the client and the competition before making decisions with the aim of positioning better.

SEO positioning is a constant and continuous process with results in the medium term, so monitoring is essential to reach the top positions of organic search, but above all to stay in privileged positions.

If you are looking for an agency with experience (we have been following the ups and downs and the evolution of the Google algorithm for more than 10 years), with thousands of positioned words, and with a direct and sincere treatment, we are your SEO Agency.

SEO Onpage

SEO Onpage


Optimization of parameters within the website that influence positioning. 404 error analysis, redirects, loading speed, etc.


SEO Offpage


Generation of quality links with a balanced profile. We place links on related and industry websites to get authority for Google.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Quality content to convert users into customers. Copywriting writers specialized in copywriting for product and service sheets, and blog posts.

Local SEO

SEO Local

Local Positioning

If your business has a physical location, you should optimize your presence on Google Maps. We offer business geolocation services on Google Maps and Google My Business.

Our Web Positioning Strategy

SEO Audit

SEO Audit

We thoroughly analyze your site for strengths and weaknesses. The results of the audit will determine the strategy to follow and the priorities to achieve an improvement in positioning as soon as possible.

Estrategia SEO

SEO Strategy

An adequate positioning strategy is the first step to stand out in Google. We make data-driven decisions that we get from both our Premium tools and Web Analytics data.


Traffic generation

The objective of our SEO service is to achieve traffic to your website at a lower cost than paid campaigns. SEO is one of the most profitable ways to get sales in stores and contacts in B2B businesses.

Find customers with SEO

Access to the target audience

With exhaustive analysis of keywords and search terms that customers use, quality traffic can be achieved. We carry out actions always aimed at capturing the user who is looking for your product or service.

Sell with SEO

Conversion to sales

By focusing on users with high odds of converting, an increase in the conversion rate is achieved. In SEO we also take into account aspects such as usability and loading speed of the site.

Competencia SEO

Get ahead of competitors

Most purchases today start with an online search. With an advanced SEO strategy we can position you above them in the terms with the greatest sales potential.

The best SEO tools + the best SEO consultants

In all our SEO projects we analyze and audit in detail the website of our clients and their direct competitors. Our main objective is always to improve the ranking and visibility of the website and attract quality traffic that contributes to improving the sales of our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions about our SEO Service

First of all, we arrange with the client a meeting in person, by phone or videoconference in which all aspects related to the service that best suits your needs and objectives are discussed, and based on this, the most appropriate management and investment budget in Adwords is established.

Once the proposal is accepted, we will collect as much information as possible about the sector and competitors,and we will have one or more meetings or calls with the client to know in detail the project and create the campaigns with the maximum focus and precision.

In SEO management we audit, create positioning strategies, content, link building… and we monitor results.

We periodically contact the client to inform them of the evolution of their campaign and once a month we send a detailed report with all the relevant information, what terms they have searched for, better keywords, fulfillment of objectives, proposals for improvement, among other indicators.

Likewise, our clients have telephone and email support with direct contact with your account manager.

We offer personalized services, and we understand that each project has different requirements. Therefore, before bidding, we like to know the project in detail, to define its scope and offer a price adjusted to the maximum but with sufficient dedication to achieve success.


Arimetrics is a consultancy specialized in PPC and web analytics,with great accumulated experience in the management of SEM projects:

  • Advanced measurement:In all our projects we apply all our analytical knowledge, and we measure each and every one of the relevant aspects of a website to improve and optimize it.
  • Own methodology:We guarantee a periodic maintenance of all accounts thanks to our internal management systems.
  • Data-driven decisions:We are certified analysts, specialists in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, and our entire strategy is based on measurement.
  • Conversion-oriented:Our main objective is for our customers to maximize their sales thanks to our good campaign management

In Arimetrics we boast of having an important portfolio of safisfechos clients and we operate by default without commitment of permanence and with 15 days of notice, unless the client expressly requests a guaranteed support contract for a certain period.

Yes, we make a personalized, complete and understandable monthly report, in which not only the main metrics are analyzed, but advanced metrics with the evolution of the account.

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