What is Technical SEO

Definition:Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the set of improvements and alterations that can be made in the different websites and blogs in order to guarantee the correct crawling and indexing of the contents of the search engine algorithms.


What is technical SEO?

We can say that technical SEO, from a specialist point of view, is the norm that brings together all the aspects that the configuration of a website must respect to appear in the search results.

The same considerations must be taken when developing our blog. Not only should we focus on advanced SEO techniques but also on technical SEO.

What is technical SEO for?

Technical SEO is critical to organic web traffic. You can create the best written, most useful and most thorough content possible but few people will reach it unless the search engine can crawl it.

Basic pillars of technical SEO

The basic pillars of technical SEO are as follows. They are essential if we are to achieve an effective strategy.

  • Velocity of loading on the website. It is essential to achieve good technical SEO. The optimal user experience is sought and the search engines are thin enough to know if the loading time is being generated or not. The search engine does not give credibility to those web pages that consider that the loading is slow.
  • Structure of the website. Another fundamental element is the generation of an intelligent and SEO-friendly web architecture. It is necessary to make navigation as easy as possible. The web must present a hierarchy where the pages and entries are very clear. If you want a good position in the searches it is essential to take this into account to find yourself in the first search results.
  • Simple to index. Only a sitemap favors indexing a website or blog.
  • Responsive design for different devices. Every day, where the use of the mobile is increasing, it is essential that the web / blog can be viewed on any device. A responsive design is key to technical SEO and search engines and their algorithms reward these actions.

Objectives of technical SEO

The objectives that are sought when performing technical SEO are finally two:

  • Good positioning in the SERPS. All SEO actions are looking for the content of our site to be identified and valued by search engines. The idea is that when a user searches for a word or a content, they will find us in the top positions. The technician goes further and wants to make the entire web stand out. If all the recommendations mentioned above have been followed, the probability that the different pages will be indexed and positioned in a good place grows exponentially.
  • Good user experience. It is the key to everything, that the user feels comfortable when browsing the web. It is what Google rewards the most. The better the user experience, the longer the time it stays on the page as well as a much lower bounce rate.