What is Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO


The term Black Hat SEO refers to a set of strategies and techniques considered aggressive whose objective is to improve the positioning of a web page as soon as possible even at the risk of contravening the policies of search engines. It consists of applying automated rules, massively creating artificial and low-quality links in forums, comments on blogs, and low-quality directories. The term “Black Hat” has its origin in Western cinema and refers to the “bad guys”.

The most used Black Hat SEO strategies

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing is an organic positioning optimization technique that consists of the constant repetition of a keyword in a text in an exaggerated and conscious way.


Cloaking is an SEO technique or strategy that shows different contents on the same website, depending on whether the one who wants to access it is a person or a robot.

Article Spinning

Article Spinning is an SEO technique that creates new content from that which already exists. Replace words and phrases with alternative versions to reduce the similarity ratio.

Page Hijacking

Page Hijacking consists of duplicating an entire website. The strategy is to make the search engine doubt what the original page is.

Risks of doing Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO practices can improve the position in the SERPs of a page quickly, although being contrary to the decalogue of search engines have many possibilities of being penalized.

There is a consensus on the part of SEO professionals to qualify this technique as counterproductive, since, although it can work punctually in short-term strategies, it assumes a high and certain risk that the site is severely penalized by search engines.

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