What is Black box algorithm

Black Box Algorithm


In technical jargon, a black box is when a system is viewed primarily for its input and output characteristics. A black box algorithm is one where the user cannot see the inner workings of the algorithm. It is a rather controversial system, due to the secrecy they contain and the lack of transparency, although its creators defend it as a security and privacy system to avoid data leaks and unfair competition.

Another characteristic of this type of algorithms is their dynamism, they usually present constant changes with the aim of adapting to the growing pace of technology and offering value to their users.

Examples of Black Box Algorithms

  • Google: the example of the best known black box algorithm and at the same time the most studied is the algorithm
    that governs Google searches. It is known that there are certain factors that influence web positioning, but no one outside of Google knows exactly all the parameters that influence the ranking of a web page, nor the percentage of weighting of these parameters. Google is the undisputed engine that governs the main activities on the web, so understanding part of its operation is an additional advantage over the competition.
  • Instagram: undoubtedly the algorithm that is most talked about today, with permission from Google, is that of the popular social network of photography and that determines the publications that are shown to its users, the order and frequency of them.
  • Netflix: a trend that has become very popular in recent years is that of those algorithms that collect our behavior, interpret it and transform it into personal recommendations, the case of the platform of movies and series, in those that may interest us more depending on the tastes.

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