What is Anchor text

Anchor Text


The anchor text is a text visible and clickable through a hyperlink.

The words contained in the anchor text can determine the ranking that the page will receive in search engines. Since 1998 some web browsers have added the ability to display help text for a hyperlink before it has been selected. Not all links have anchor text, as in many cases it can be obvious where the link will lead due to the context in which it is used. Anchor texts are usually kept below 60 characters.

Different browsers may display different anchor texts. Typically, web search engines analyze the anchor text of hyperlinks on web pages. For example, academic search engines can use the context of a citation to rank scholarly articles, as well as the anchor text of related documents.

Anchor texts and SEO

Anchor text is an important element for search engine algorithms, as linked text is usually relevant to the landing page. Anchor text can also serve the purpose of directing the user to internal pages on the site, which can also help position the website higher in search rankings.

In SEO, anchor text is usually used to obtain high positions within the results of page search engines. Google Search Console‘s webmaster tool facilitates this optimization, letting website owners see the most common words in linking link text to their site.

The importance of anchor text diversification

With the Panda and Penguin updates, Google has begun to take a closer look at keywords in anchor text. If many of a site’s inbound links contain the same anchor text, it can start to look suspicious, as it’s often a sign that the links weren’t acquired naturally. In general, it is still good practice to relate anchor text and specific keywords and topics when possible. However, better results can be obtained by inserting varied anchor text instead of the same keyword repeatedly.

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