What is User Experience

User Experience


In Digital Marketing, the user experience or user experience (UX) includes all the elements and factors related to the interaction of users depending on the device and environment from which they carry it out.

It is a discipline that covers different dimensions such as interface design, usability, web architecture, among others; so we are talking about a multidisciplinary concept.

It should not be confused with the concept of usability, since this is based on the functionality, simplicity, clarity and simplicity of user interaction; the concept of user experience distinguishes sections such as expectation, impression, interaction, result and the memory of it.

It is one of the thematic fields studied by disciplines such as neuromarketing or consumer psychology. The goal that companies pursue through user experience analysis is to better understand their target audience, their behaviors, habits and the thoughts from which they derive, and use that information to renew and optimize their methods and their form of communication to them to optimize their benefits.

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