What is Indexing


IndexingIndexing refers to various methods of including in the internet index, or index, the contents of a website as a whole. Individual websites or intranets typically use an index in the form of a listing, known as a back-of-the-book, while search engines typically use keywords and metadata to provide a more useful vocabulary for internet or on-site search.

With the increase in the number of periodicals that have articles online, web indexing is also gaining importance for periodic websites. Indexing is an essential component within digital marketing since it involves appearing in the results of search engines with all that this entails: visits, conversions, sales and income for our company. A content that is not indexed is therefore a phantom content for search engines and of zero effectiveness.

Web indexes

Web indexes help users find information using a variety of keywords and collect information by a single topic. Instead of page numbers, web indexes are hypertext tied directly to the content of the web page itself.

Web indexes work particularly well on sites that have a flat structure with only one or two levels of hierarchy. These indexes complement the search engines of the larger websites, while for the smaller ones they provide a cost-effective alternative.

Indexing in SEO

One of the best options for indexing a site is the use of sitemaps. Sitemaps are XML files that contain all the relevant html pages of the site, and that are sent to search engines to make the indexing process more agile. Google robots are responsible for crawling the content by visiting links, when reaching the sitemaps of a website this facilitates the robot to crawl all the content and in this way it can be indexed in a matter of hours or even minutes. If we are used to uploading content constantly, robots will walk more frequently through our website and in this way the process will also be more streamlined. It is advisable to include the path of such sitemaps within the robots.txt file. Additionally, Google allows, through its Search Console tool, to force the indexing of pages through the “Explore as Google” option.

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