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One of the great advantages of social media is its large audience and its segmentation capacity. If you are clear about the target population and mastery of its advertising tools, you can create profitable campaigns in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in order to impact potential customers.

At our Social Ads Agency, we design and execute pay-per-click advertising strategies in the principal social networks. We give great importance to strategy and methodology, where creativity, method and analytics come together to create clearly objective-based campaigns.

We have an expert and specialised team in this field, with the experience of having managed campaigns with companies from very diverse sectors and of all sizes.

Campaigns in Social Media

The campaigns in Social Media are a perfect complement for all the marketing efforts that can be done in a project: SEO helps to acquire organic traffic from Google, campaigns of Google Ads helps to attract users with a clear intention to purchase, the content strategies of Social Media help to connect brands with the users, and the paid advertising campaigns in Networks contribute to increasing the scope and the notoriety of the brand.

Our Social Ads Services

Each social network has its particularities, and what is good in one may not be the best in another. For this reason, before carrying out any action in them it is necessary to have a profound knowledge of the project and of the idiosyncrasy of each social network in order to define clearly the message and the type of campaign.

Our team of expert Social Ads consultants have ample experience in paid advertising campaigns in Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn Ads and Twitter Ads. We manage and optimise campaigns in the following social networks:


For their possibilities of advanced segmentation, Facebook Ads allow reaching specific user profiles.


The most trending social network allows advertising to young profiles and with high consumption potential.


LinkedIn offers segmented advertising to specific users according to their career profile.


Twitter offers segmented advertising that appears in the timeline of the target population.

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