What is Sponsored post

Sponsored Post


A sponsored post is a publication or article that is published to promote a brand in exchange for an economic benefit from it. Sponsored posts are published in media such as blogs, newspapers or websites of other brands and are sometimes written by a popular person or with some recognition or prestige. The blogger agrees to write the sponsored content to focus it on our target audience and obtain greater visibility for our brand.

The Sponsored Post Strategy

Implementing a sponsored blog can result in an excellent idea as long as it is managed in the right way, however it is necessary to properly know the strategy to be carried out since a bad implementation of it can have very negative consequences for our brand image.

First of all we must design the type of post campaign we want to carry out (the brand or product to sponsor, the number of posts we are going to publish, the type of content we want and who is going to do it). It is important not to abuse these types of posts as the effect can be counterproductive. Once these premises have been defined, it is time to contact the blogger who is going to write the content through an economic proposal, this can not be anyone, the more related to the theme of our brand or product and the more strength you have on the internet better and more natural the results will be.

If the blogger accepts our proposal, it is time to publish the content by correctly choosing the target target. Naturalness, as we have mentioned before is a vital point, which does not mean that of course we must indicate that it is a sponsored post at all times. Finally, once the campaign ends, it is time to analyze the metrics that it throws us to be able to implement improvements in the future.

Advantages of Sponsored Posts:

This type of sponsored collaboration can be defined as a kind of symbiosis between the sponsor and the editor in which both parties are benefited in the event that it is executed optimally. Among the most outstanding advantages of using sponsored posts are:

  • More viral:sponsored posts, unlike ordinary ads, have a greater tendency to be shared by users so we can take much more advantage of the synergy of them.
  • Extra income:for copywriters and bloggers, sponsored posts are an alternative way of income through which to generate more benefits for their performance.
  • Durability:and is that, while the ads have a much shorter expiration period (when the campaign ends), sponsored posts have the advantage of lasting over time, although it is true that the initial effect is diluted exponentially.
  • They generate content:and as we know content is the king of online positioning so thanks to these posts we will be able to ensure an added value for our website.
  • Visibility:this type of collaborative agreements are very beneficial at the level of notoriety, companies take advantage of the media pull of the blogger or influencer to achieve a large number of impacts on their target audience.

With the growing popularity of this type of content on the internet, numerous Sponsored Post platforms have emerged whose purpose is to put in contact owners of blogs, social media accounts or other media, with those advertisers who wish to advertise in them. Some of the most prominent sponsored post platforms are:

  • Coobis: Content marketing marketplace, allows you to include all types of website or social network and has an affiliation system.
  • Publisuites:In addition to registering your website, blog or social networks, it also works as a job portal in which to register if you are looking for a job as a copywriter.
  • Social Publi: this Spanish platform is one of the most prestigious, so the minimum amount to be charged is higher than other websites of this type, so it has a clear orientation to websites and blogs with high traffic.

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