What is Content Curation

Content curation


Content curation is the online collection, organization, and presentation of content related to a particular topic or subject. As a general rule, a content curation site reproduces some of the original content and links to the entire entry. Some content curation sites also offer the original content, its interpretation and comments.

Who curates content

Some people are critical of content curation, stating that some of these sites are nothing more than marketing tools. However, these can be useful for users who want an overview of current content on a particular topic.

Content curation sites can be operated by an individual or by a small group of people(curators).

If many people participate in the process, we would be talking about social curation or curation of content on social networks.

The content curation process

In simple terms, the content curation process is the act of ranking through large amounts of content on the web and presenting the best posts in a meaningful and organized way. The process may include filtering, sorting, organizing, and placing the content found on specific topics, and then publishing that information.

In other words, content curation is very different from content marketing. Content curation does not include the creation of new content; which is the act of discovering, compiling and sharing content with your online followers. Content curation is becoming an important tactic for any marketing department to maintain a successful online presence. Not only that, but content curation allows you to provide added value to the brand’s audience and customers, which is key to building lasting relationships with loyal followers.

Content Curation Applications

Content curation can fit into marketing efforts in many different ways. Depending on the strategy you want to follow, the following three content curation methods are very effective:

Filtered weekly blog posts

Weekly blog posts collect useful resources found on the web, ranking them and publishing them as resources for your readers. Some call them a one-stop shop for content, because they eliminate the need to have their readers expand the search or browse for themselves.

Weekly newsletters

Weekly newsletters are a great opportunity for content curation, especially if you have a large fan base. Like the weekly blog post, these newsletters save your followers time searching the web for content they find interesting, by selecting the most important content, organizing it in a responsive way, and sending it to an email list. These lists can include in their messages the promotion of their own content.

Share filtered content on social media

Social media is one of the channels where content curation is key to remaining relevant to your followers and growing the users who follow the site. Therefore, it is important to share the content of other people.


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