What is Blog



A blog is a hybrid form of Internet communication, combining a column, agenda, and directory. The term, short for “web log,” refers to a frequently updated collection of short articles on various topics with links to additional resources. Blogs are characterized by a navigation based on hypertextuality, with an abundance of multimedia content, the active participation of users (who can create profiles, value entries or create knowledge) and a character generally closer than that of other websites. Blogs publish articles categorized by date and categorize topics through tags. The most commonly used platforms for creating blogs are Blogger and WordPress.


Origin of blogs

The word blog was first used by Jorn Barger starting from the term web log or weblog to refer to the fact of annotating orlogging the web. Two years later, and 1999 Peter Merholz uses the word “we blog” as a verb, being from that moment when the concept of blog as we know it is definitively extended. As a result of the birth of Blogger, the growth of this type of web pages was meteoric, going from only 23 in 1999 to more than 200,000,000 today, where about 2,500 blogs are generated every hour approximately.

Blogs in Digital Marketing

Currently, it is a form of communication widely used in online marketing, when a blog is created separate from the corporate website to transfer to users information of interest not strictly related to the corporate information of the company.

Nowadays the creation of content is the most important element when it comes to positioning ourselves in search engines and therefore through the creation of corporate blogs companies have a source to create it periodically and attract more traffic to their website. Not only corporate blogs, but blogs in general have proliferated a lot in recent years which has made them the focus of digital marketing that sees in them means to advertise, link building, etc.

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