What is A+ Content

A+ Content


Amazon’s A+ (A plus) Content is an advanced feature for brand sellers to post premium and valuable content on their product listings.

This enhanced content allows you to describe products in a different way. This way you can describe the history of the brand, add improved images and also add additional blocks of text. Thanks to A+ Content, brands can increase the conversion rate of their products.

Who can add Content A plus?

This feature is only available to amazon Professional sales plan sellers who own a brand, so they have to include it in the Amazon Brand Registry.

A+ Content is also available to emerging brands that are part of managed selling programs such as Amazon Exclusives and Launchpad.

Limits for enhanced content

You can’t always add enhanced content to a product list on Amazon. These exceptions are:

  • If the ASIN has previous A+ Content published, Amazon will not allow new content to be added.
  • Sellers who have their products in audiovisual or media-related categories such as videos, digital products or books may not add A+ Content. The reason is that for these categories the Amazon Brand Registry is not available, which is indispensable to access this type of improved content.

Cost of Amazon A+ Content

Enhanced branded content is free at the moment, although there is a premium version of A+ Content that includes interactive content features. This premium version of enhanced content can only be accessed by invitation from a vendor manager and is supposedly costly high.

What is A+ Premium Content?

It’s a unique feature that goes to a level beyond basic A+ content. With the premium option, brands have the opportunity to showcase the most important benefits and features of their products. The difference lies in the way of displaying the content, it has a more modern and attractive visual structure. With A+ Premium Content we increase the number of modules we can use. The useful space is expanded, using the entire width of the screen. Thus giving a more modern and sophisticated feel.

With Premium content you can enter videos that occupy the full screen in the product description, or, next to the text. Also, brands can use multimedia resources to create modules where the user’s need is met by simply passing the cursor.

Features of A+ Premium Content

Among the main features of Premium Content we can highlight:

  • Video
  • Full-width images
  • Comparative interactive charts
  • Modules presented in the form of a carousel
  • Greater optimization for mobile devices and voice
  • More room for creatives

Currently, A+ Premium Content is available by invitation only to users using Amazon Vendor. The price of this Premium service is negotiated between Amazon and the brands themselves.

Benefits of Amazon Enhanced Content

Having a product listing that includes A+ Content has the potential to increase sales by up to 10%. Thanks to this improved content, the following benefits are obtained:

  • Higher conversion rates because customers better visualize what you are seeing on a product listing and finally click buy.
  • Generates better reviews thanks to the customer having more information about the product makes customers leave positive reviews.
  • Reduces the rate of returns of products. It is intimately related to improving the customer experience, so the customer does not have the need to return the product.
  • Increase ROI and reduce ACoS of PPC campaigns on Amazon Advertising.

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