What is Campaign



A campaign is a promotional effort over a specified interval of time based on the same strategy and creative idea, in order to achieve an advertising goal that can translate into impacts or sales.

Online marketing campaigns

Among the most common types of campaign within Digital Marketing are email marketing campaigns. In this case, as important as the presentation and the content that is sent to the recipients, it is the measurement.

The most common metrics in email marketing are, among others, subscribed users, open rate, bounce rate, unsubscribes, clicks on links…

Web campaign parameters

In any campaign aimed at a website, it is essential to measure the impact of the efforts made and compare it with the achievements obtained. For this, campaign parameters are used that are placed in all the outgoing links of said campaign (either from emails or from other websites), with the aim of being identified in the web analytics tool

Examples of campaign parameters

Here’s an example of campaign parameters generated by Google’s URL Builder tool, configured for Google Analytics:



  • utm_source is the source
  • utm_medium is the medium
  • utm_campaign is the name of the campaign
  • utm_term is the term when there are different sub-campaigns within a campaign
  • utm_content is the type of content

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