What is Blogger



Blogger is a term with two meanings can refer to a blogging platform with that name or to a person who writes on a blog.

Blogger.com is an online blog creation service created by Pyra Labs in 1998 and acquired by Google in 2003. It arose to respond to the need of many users to publish content on the Internet without having knowledge of code or programming.

Meanwhile a blogger (blog writer) or blogger in Spanish,is a person who writes for vocational or commercial reasons a blog. He does not require any specific training, and usually writes his posts from a subjective perspective.

Features of the Blogger platform

Blogger is the pioneer platform for blogs since 1998, being the coiner of the concept of Blogosphere. It is a free content platform owned by Google in which you can publish posts categorized by theme and by date.

It is characterized by having its own editor and by its ease of publishing by anyone without computer knowledge. It is an ad-free platform where bloggers can create their content and easily change the style of their blog using templates.

Characteristics of a blogger

A blogger is a person who writes on a blog, either vocationally, or with the aim of monetizing it to obtain an economic return.

One of the fundamental requirements to be a blogger is to publish broad, relevant and periodic content, with the aim of attracting readers and followers and achieving greater amplification of your posts. That is why a discipline and a methodology are necessary to create a calendar of publications.

A blogger must know how to write, but above all know what to write about to capture traffic from search engines thanks to a good web positioning. That is why it is important to do keyword analysis and have a basic knowledge of SEO to write content with the potential to reach the first page of Google.

A blogger must therefore be updated at all times, both of the novelties in his niche, and of the changes in the algorithms of the search engines.