What is Branded Content

Branded Content


Branded Content is any form of advertising that uses content, whether articles, infographics, images, videos, on websites or social media. It aims to endorse, represent or promote a product or service.

It is not so much as direct advertising, since it is not a vehicle or a form of brand promotion, but its objective or intention is to see how information and entertainment is useful to promote the brand.

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the Branded Content Marketing Association was created to promote the idea of branded content globally. It is a website, where best practices and the most successful examples of branded contentare also shared.

In short, the goal of branded content is create brand awareness and affinity rather than directly selling a product or service. It consists of knowing how to understand the needs of the user and cover them.

Advantages of Branded Content

Branded content has many advantages over conventional advertising. The main point is that this is not invasive advertising. Sometimes, the large advertisements that we find on the web, such as banners, create rejection in the user. On the other hand, branded content is more subtle and users end up approaching the brand more naturally, because there is an interest.

In turn, it creates a more emotional connection with the brand. This is because this type of content generates stories to have links with users. Thus, the user remembers this emotion associated with the brand or product for a certain time. The ease of sharing content in formats such as social networks means that this type of advertising can go viral and that more people know about it, especially if they are attractive or useful content.

It also improves brand positioning thanks to customer loyalty and engagement. This content seeks to get users to participate in channels such as social networks so that they themselves feel part of the brand identity as a consumer.

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