What is Content Mapping

Content Mapping


Content Mapping is the graphic conceptualization of the content strategy of a company in relation to its type customers (buyer persona)and its phases of the purchase cycle of the product or services. Thanks to the content map, companies guarantee that their content strategy is the right one, that is, that the content they generate is of quality, is aimed at the right people and at the right time.

Elaboration of Content Mapping

Content Mapping can be made from predefined templates or create your own from scratch. Usually, the standard form of this is a table in which each column represents one of the phases of the consumer’s purchase cycle and is assigned the content to be developed based on it.

Process of creating a Content Mapping

The process of creating a Content Mapping requires an exhaustive prior process of collection and analysis of information that allows us to correctly define our targets and the content we are going to provide. We can define 3 phases or stages during the creation of a content map:

  • Define your ideal customer:also called Buyer Persona, defining the different types of customer implies not only knowing the consumer himself, but the types of relationships he establishes with our company and its products or services, their needs and desires, as well as their patterns of behavior, in short, carrying out a total analysis of their behavior. For this, the best way to do it is through an empathy exercise that allows us to put ourselves in the client’s shoes, asking us all kinds of questions. Each of the three phases that make up the purchase cycle (discovery, research and decision) requires adapted content so it is also important to think about how the buyer person feels within each of these three stages. Remember that there does not necessarily have to be a single type of ideal client, it is more. it is advisable to define two or three different ones.
  • Create the content strategy:once we know everything about our consumer idea it is time to devite the content that we will provide. It is undoubtedly one of the critical phases that will determine the success of our content strategy, it is essential that the content we develop is valuable for the client and adapts to their personal situation.
  • Plan:finally, you have to structure how the entire content strategy will be carried out. This means organizing the times, choosing the communication channels and defining the budget of our plan through an editorial calendar. Remember that not only the content itself is important, but also the time and way to communicate it.

Content Mapping in Digital Marketing

Thanks to Content Mapping, in Digital Marketing we can carry out lead nurturing campaigns that allow us to automate email-marketing processes so that we can be much more efficient.


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