What is Phishing



Phishing is a type of cyber attack that is generally used to steal user data, including login credentials. It occurs when an attacker, who usually has the appearance of a trusted entity, tricks a user into opening an email, an sms, etc.

What phishing is used for

Phishing is a fraudulent activity in which the victim is attempted to click on a malicious link, which often involves the automatic installation of malware.

This type of phishing, that of email, is the most common, it is known as deceptive phishing. Although it is not the only type of attack.

Examples of phishing


  • DNS-Based Phishing or Pharming: It is the manipulation of host files so that the URL that is generated back, is false and is directed to a website false. The objective is for the user to deposit confidential information on sites that are under fraudulent control. An example of fraudulent activity derived from phishing is the realization of invalid clicks in GoogleAds.
  • Search Engine Phishing: creation of search engines to redirect users to fake websites.
  • Content-Injection Phishing: is the manipulation of a legitimate website, so that false content is added, in order to obtain confidential information from visitors.