What is SSL



SSL stands for Security Socket Layer. It has to do with the technology that is used to make the Internet connection secure, in addition to protecting any confidential information that is sent between two systems, which can either be a server and a client (for example, shopping web and a browser) or between server and server (the App of a bank that includes payroll data).

The purpose of SSL is to prevent third parties from having access to the reading and modification of any transferable data.

How do you know if a website has an SSL certificate?

On all web pages that include the SSL security protocol, the browser includes the presence of a padlock in the address bar.



How to obtain the SSL certificate

The first thing to do to get the SSL certificate is to buy it directly on the official SSL page. Certificates that have been purchased can be managed with the account through SSL.com.

Keep in mind that each certificate requires a CSR (Certificate Signing Request). Once the CSR is obtained, it will be necessary to verify your application. It can be done via email or by placing a verification file on the website.

Once this is done, the SSL certificate will be delivered via email or by direct download from the SSL website. With this, you will only need to install your SSL certificate correctly.