What is Malware



Malware refers to any type of malicious software designed by cybercriminals that adversely affects the operation of a computer, mobile phone or any other device. It tries to disable and damage computer systems and take control of the functions of a device in order to obtain information or extract money from the user illicitly.

Effects of malware

Among the many negative effects that malware can produce are:

  • Loss of hard disk space.
  • Waves of adware (unwanted advertising).
  • Installation of unwanted programs, tools, extensions and/or add-ons.
  • Unauthorized changes to device settings.
  • Device slowdown.
  • The system is constantly crashing.
  • Data collection from the web browser.

Most Common Types of Malware

  • Virus: Malware that adheres to a program, which, when executed, produces the multiplication of the same infecting other programs with its bits of code.
  • Adware– appearance of unwanted advertisements in the browser of the device.
  • Trojan– by the false appearance of a program or extension useful to the user, it is installed on the system to steal important information or install other viruses.
  • Worms:Very similar to viruses, they spread through the system destroying information and files.
  • Spyware– illegally enters the device and extracts information that it communicates to the creator of the malware.
  • Rootkit– This malware remains hidden in the system while enjoying administrator privileges on it.

How to fix malware

Regarding malware, we can distinguish between those measures to prevent it, and those that we must perform once our device is already infected:

  • Prevention:First of all it is essential to adopt a responsible and safe behavior when browsing the network: avoid downloading any suspicious application or program of unknown origin, do not open spam links or access links of dubious origin. On the other hand it is important that our system is protected through antivirus programs, firewalls, anti spam,etc …
  • Once infected: if your device is infected there are numerous software solutions to combat malware and reverse the situation: the aforementioned antivirus, antimalware, antispyware. Quarantining the system can be a good option if the antivirus fails to remove it. We always recommend going to a computer expert and once the malware is removed it is advisable to change the passwords that you think may have been susceptible to the attack.