What is Search engine

Search Engine


A search engine,also called a search engine,is a computer system designed to perform searches of files stored in a database through spiders or bots. When the search engine receives a query or  makes a query in the database offering the result on a results page. If there are several results, they are hierarchical according to their importance.

Given the enormous amount of information available on the Internet, search engines are an essential technology today for the operation of this network.

Types of search engines

Search engines can be classified according to the type of information they collect:

  • Web page search engine:when performing a search they return as a result the most relevant web page.
  • Image Finder:Crawls images and displays a mosaic of relevant results.
  • Video Finder:analyzes the videos and shows the ones that are interpreted to correspond to the search.
  • File Finder: Returns results based on the name or type of file.


How search engines work

Regardless of the type of search engine, its operation is analogous in all cases.

  1. Registration in the database: all available information is tracked through bots
  2. Data Categorization:All crawled data is categorized based on categorization algorithms
  3. Query in the database: a query is received and a search is made among all the stored information
  4. Sample of results: the hierarchical results are offered placing the most relevant in first position


Examples of search engines

Among the main search engines we can find the following:

  • Google: Created by Larry Page and Sergei Brin in 1996, it is considered the largest search engine in the world.
  • Bing: owned by Microsoft, formerly known as Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN Search.
  • Yahoo: Currently uses the Bing engine in its searches.
  • Baidu: is the main Chinese search engine, with more than 600 million users.
  • Yandex: search engine for Russia and Russophone countries.
  • DuckDuckGo: is an alternative to search engines focused on ensuring the privacy of its users.

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