What is SEMrush



SemRush is one of the most widely used SEO tools by digital marketers. It allows you to perform SEO and SEM audits of a web page and those of its competition through different tools. It is mainly used to monitor organic positioning, although it also has functions to optimize PPC campaigns, content and management of social networks, as well as the link building strategy.

For its utilities and the type of clients it targets, large companies and marketing agencies especially, it competes with other SEO audit platforms such as Sistrix or Ahrefs.

How SEMrush came about

SEMrush was created in 2008 by SEO and information technology experts Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov as a project to “make online competition fair and transparent,” as it explains on its own website. Its origin is in SEOquake,a free extension for Google Chrome that allows basic SEO analysis and that still exists today, although its founders explain that with a very different objective than its SEMrush.

The latter currently has more than three million users worldwide and analyzes searches made in more than 150 countries, including Spain.


The main functions of SEMrush

SEMrush is a platform in constant update, so its tools are renewed periodically. Its menu is structured in the following blocks of tools: SEO, advertising, social networks, content and analysis of the competition.

Within the SEO section, through the main search bar it is possible to analyze:

  • A domain (www.arimetrics.com)
  • A keyword (‘digital marketing agency’)
  • A specific URL (https://www.arimetrics.com/servicios/agencia-seo-posicionamiento-web-buscadores).

In SEO there are a number of subsections: competitor research (analyzes a web page individually and with respect to its competition), keyword research, backlink generation, ranking tracking and ON Page SEO (more technical).

One of the main advantages of SEMrush is that it allows you to store projects (according to the contracted plan), very useful in case you work on many web pages at the same time. Through the dashboard or panel of each project it is very easy to observe the evolution of the keywords and the possibilities of improving SEO On Page. You can connect with other tools like Google Analytics and major social networks to get all the metrics on the same platform.


What SEMrush allows you to do for free

Using the free version allows you to discover your possibilities by working as a trial before deciding whether to hire one of the paid plans. As usual in this type of platform, the functionalities without cost are very limited. For example, you can only do 10 searches a day and see the first results.

There are three payment plans, whose prices range from $ 99 to $ 399 per month (Pro, Guru and Business). If the payment is made on an annual basis, all plans have a small discount. There is also a customized version according to the needs of the user called Enterprise. SEMrush does not require permanence and allows you to change the contracted plan at any time.


Tutorial de SEMrush

On the Internet you can find a multitude of SEMrush tutorials to get the most out of it, use strategies, discover tricks, etc. Many of them are videos published by the best known experts in digital marketing and, specifically, in SEO.

The website blog includes many of these demos on how to use SEMrush, even segmented by theme: SEMrush for SEO, SEMrush for eCommerce, SEMrush for PPC, etc.

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