What is Slack


Slack is a software package that is mostly used among companies. It is a messaging tool associated with the use of multiple communication applications. It is designed especially for teams, since it offers the option of creating groups and channels of different themes. It is a very useful tool both for communication within the office and for teleworking. In addition, there is also the possibility to have private conversations, share links, attachments, etc. It is a very useful tool in the world of digital marketing.



How is Slack organized?

Slack works through channels. We can create all the channels we want depending on our organization: by projects, departments, work teams…

These channels can be both public, accessible to all members of the company, and private and in this way be restricted only to certain people.


What services does Slack offer us?

Slack has undoubtedly become one of the most popular tools when it comes to internal company communication. It offers a package of services of the most interesting, as well as various integrated tools:

  • Chat Channels:It is the main tool of Slack and the most used. It offers us internal channels of written communication between the employees of the company, similar to the operation of Whatsapp but with a greater orientation to the company. It has a built-in search engine to quickly locate any message or file sent. We have statuses, workgroups, notifications… We can also quickly exchange all kinds of files and documents.
  • Video calls:known as Slack Calls, it is a service very similar to Skype in which we can make both voice calls and video calls, privately or in work groups.
  • Applications:without a doubt one of the great attractions of Slack is the possibility of adding numerous applications through a directory in which we will find some as well known as Google Calendar, Google Drive, Gmail, Dr Whoo, Chatlio, Obie… They are fully integrated into Slack and multiply the possibilities and functionalities of this software package.


Slack Packages

Depending on your organization’s needs, there are several pricing packages for Slack that offer more or less functionality. These are:

  • Free: a free version with the most basic functionalities.
  • Standard:Aimed at small businesses, it offers options such as unlimited message storage, unlimited applications, or group video calls.
  • Plus: for medium or large enterprises: add additional solutions such as user provisioning or SAML-based single sign-on
  • Enterprise Grid– For large enterprises, it offers unlimited workspace and protects against data loss.


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