What is UX



or user experience, is the term that refers to how users interact with a product, be it website, mobile phone, etc. Put more summed up: UX stands for user experience.

In digital marketing, the core of the user experience is developed on our website and is based on several key factors such as usability, utility, attractiveness, speed of work, etc. It is also the result of analyzing the possible problems of the implementation of the product and thus designing it correctly, to obtain a positive user experience, which is one of the most important favors to retain the user and lower the bounce rate.

The user experience – which is often confused and focuses solely on usability – is especially important in ecommerce. A complicated design or complex operation can accentuate cart abandonment and even prevent the start of a purchase process. In online stores it is essential that the user finds what he is looking for quickly, easily and with all the guarantees.

How to improve user experience (UX)

To make the UX as accurate as possible, it is necessary to carry out a preliminary study in order to provide the best possible experience, which implies on the one hand to know the type of audience to which our website is directed. You have to define the user before designing any website and know their habits and their way of consuming digital products. On the other hand, you have to have well defined the characteristics of the product or service you want to sell and the use you make of it. Once we have full knowledge of all these factors, we can carry out the following actions:

  • Improve loading time:The speed with which our website loads is an increasingly determining factor in a world in which users increasingly value their time.
  • Content quality:content is the undisputed king of the internet and that is why we must develop creative, useful and attractive content for the user in order to generate engagement and provide the best possible experience.
  • Accessibility:the more people can browse our website and the more adapted it is to all types of users, the greater satisfaction we will find on their part.
  • Web hierarchy:if we manage to develop a website where all the content is organized correctly, the user will be able to navigate it more easily.

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