What is MailChimp



MailChimp is a software that offers email marketing service. It’s a tool for designing email newsletters, sharing them on social media,integrating with services already used by a customer, and tracking their results.

It is especially useful for sending emails to user lists and has a wide variety of templates that help design emails or newsletters. You can send a multitude of emails at once without being blocked as spam, respecting all the laws, your templates also meet all the requirements to not be considered annoying mail. Also, the style of their templates is professional and compatible with different devices and email addresses. In addition, it offers analytical data that allows efficiency studies, such as the moment in which an email has been opened.

MailChimp Mailchimp was born in 2001 as an alternative for small businesses that couldn’t afford expensive bulk emailing tools. It offers a free version, as long as the number of subscribers does not exceed 2,000 or send more than 12,000 emails per month. There are two versions without limit of subscribers or emails, the cheapest with a cost of $ 10 per month.

It has a mobile application that allows the user to create campaigns and monitor those that are already underway from anywhere thanks to their smartphone.

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