What is Hootsuite



is a social media management site that allows you to manage and schedule messages on several different accounts between the various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. It has different subscription plans available, so it can be free or paid depending on usage.

Many companies or agencies that manage multiple social media accounts use Hootsuite as a single point of access to all their accounts, but independent users can use Hootsuite as well to reach all of their networks through one platform.

Hootsuite Features

This tool helps a business manage multiple social media profiles, schedule messages and tweets, mark the tracking of mentions, and analyze social media traffic. The social marketing tool provides options for team collaboration and custom analytics, giving you the ability to create custom reports from over 30 report modules to share with customers and colleagues.

Monitor social networks

In the management of social networks it is important to keep track of what happens in them. You need to know what followers are talking about and what worries them. To do this, the options of new mentions, followers and likes can help you stay informed with the interactions that these linked accounts receive. This tool makes it easy to monitor multiple accounts at once and different types of interactions. This platform allows all mentions to appear in the same place even if they are interactions from different networks.

Programming social networks

Every business and every social network has a time of day or time at which it is best to post. Social media managers use Hootsuite to schedule these posts to be published automatically. This saves time and avoids having to be with a stricter schedule.

Social media analysis

Hootsuite offers built-in analytics capabilities. Thanks to these applications you can see the performance over time and compare different periods for each of the social media accounts that are connected to the platform. In this way you can analyze what type of publications work best and optimize the social media strategy.

Message management

With Hootsuite you can see the different private messages addressed to any of the linked social media accounts. These messages, even if they are from different platforms, appear in the same place. This makes it easy for social media managers to assign team members to each message to ensure that no queries go unanswered. This is an interesting option for larger teams that receive a large volume of inquiries from customers and prospects every day.

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