What is Nano Influencer


A Nano Influencer is a person who has a modest audience on social networks, but who has a great ability to influence it. This type of influencer has a limited reach, compared to macro and mega influencers, however, their community is closer and more engaged with their content.

Advantages of hiring Nano Influencers

Among the advantages of hiring a Nano Influencer we can highlight:

  • Specialization: Nano Influencers usually specialize in specific niches and very specific topics, which allows them to connect with a more select and participatory audience. This makes your followers value and trust your recommendations and opinions.
  • Closeness: they are usually ordinary people, who do not live from their work as an influencer and who share their content in a disinterested way. This gives them a greater degree of authenticity and credibility, which translates into a greater degree of loyalty and engagement by their community.
  • Price: Nano Influencers are usually a cheaper and more accessible option for those brands that seek to reach a specific audience and generate a greater local impact. Their collaboration is usually more personalized and adapted to the interests of their community, which brings added value to the brand.

Drawbacks of Nano Influencers

When evaluating hiring Nano Influencer it is also necessary to assess certain disadvantages that must be taken into account:

  • Limited reach: Unlike macro and mega influencers, the reach of nano influencers is quite small in terms of number of followers. Therefore, they are not always effective in achieving a wide dissemination of a product or service.
  • Measuring collaboration ROI: Brands and companies often struggle to measure the return on investment (ROI) of collaborations with nano influencers. Especially, compared to macro and mega influencers, nano influencers can have a less measurable impact in financial terms.
  • Possible lack of professionalism: Some nano influencers may lack the professionalism necessary to properly manage a collaboration with a brand. This can lead to organizational problems or non-compliance with an established agreement.

Metrics to evaluate a Nano Influencer

With the following indicators, you can measure the impact and effectiveness of a collaboration with a Nano Influencer and ensure that the brand’s marketing strategy succeeds in its goal of reaching a select and engaged audience.

  1. Engagement rate: The engagement rate is the percentage of interactions that a publication receives in relation to the total number of followers. Nano Influencers tend to have a higher engagement rate than macro and mega influencers, since their community is closer and more engaged. This metric allows you to evaluate the degree of connection between the influencer and your audience, which in turn indicates the level of impact you can generate in terms of brand dissemination and loyalty.
  2. Audience segmentation: Nano Influencers have a more select and targeted audience compared to macro and mega influencers. For this reason, it is important to evaluate the segmentation of your community and make sure that it fits the target of the brand. This ensures that the collaboration has a greater impact and reach among the target audience.
  3. Tonality analysis: The analysis of the tonality of the publications allows to know the tone and attitude that the Nano Influencer shows in its content and how its audience receives it. This analysis allows us to assess whether the tone of the influencer fits the values and image of the brand, in addition to detecting possible situations of reputational risk.
  4. Interactions per post: The number of interactions per post (likes, comments, shares, etc.) is a metric that indicates the level of engagement each Nano Influencer post gets. This metric allows you to know how often your audience interacts with your content and assess whether it is in line with the brand’s objectives.
  5. Frequency and consistency of posts: The frequency and consistency of Nano Influencer posts is another important metric to evaluate. A continuous and consistent publication allows you to maintain a constant and relevant flow of information for your audience, which increases the trust and loyalty of your followers.

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