What is Instagrammer



An instagrammer is a user of the photo and social media sharing service of Instagram, the most popular application for sharing photos and videos, which in turn allows you to upload them on any other social network such as Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr or Twitter. It was born in 2010 designed exclusively for iPhone, and in 2012 it was also launched for all Android users.

The instagrammer shares images and videos that he creates while following the accounts of other users to see their photos and videos. These posts may be private, but many people have public accounts, which means that anyone can find and follow anyone who wants to. Many popular Instagrammers are able to tap into their large following through marketing partnerships and influencer with brands.

The 5 most influential instagrammers in Spain during 2017 were the following:

Nowadays, dozens of instagrammers have become true influencers to the point of living comfortably from it, so Instagram has become an indispensable channel in any digital strategy when it comes to influencing all those users likely to enjoy with the contents that all these influencers upload to the network, in some cases exceeding millions of followers, as is the case of Aida Domenech or Paula Echevarría.


The value of Instagrammers

Instagram for companies (depending on the sector) can become a channel not only generating a positive engagement and therefore an improvement of brand image, but in some cases it is very interesting to carry out promotions and events, taking advantage of the potential of Instagram Ads, both in standard ads and in Instagram Stories, offering the latter a great potential to attract young audiences.

Precisely the younger users are the ones who have catapulted the figures of Instagram. 72% of social media users claim to follow an influencer through these channels and most do so through Facebook (42%) and Instagram (35%), according to the IAB social media report in 2018. This same study reveals that Instagram is, along with WhatsApp, the network preferred by the so-called generation Z (from 16 to 23 years old). It thus becomes the main promotional showcase for the youngest and the instagrammers of reference, in authentic brand ambassadors.

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