What is Helium 10

Helium 10Definition:

Helium 10 is a complete Suite of tools aimed at optimizing account management on Amazon, both for sellers and marketing agencies specialized in this marketplace.

This all-in-one Suite contains, apart from several tools to exponentially improve sales on Amazon, a Google Chrome extension that gives a lot of information within the same website of this Marketplace.

How much does Helium cost 10

With a monthly subscription service you can use the tools that make up Helium 10, but there is also a freemium version with limited functionality to test this tool before subscribing.

The available payment plans are:

  • Platinum ($97 with monthly payment)
  • Diamond ($197 with monthly payment)
  • Elite ($397 with monthly payment)

Tools from the Helium 10 suite

Black Box

This tool allows you to find products that already exist on Amazon to find out the type of competition and sales that are made in each product niche.

Thanks to the algorithm developed by Helium 10 and the filters that can be used in this tool, it is possible to know strategic data such as monthly sales or the number of competitors who sell that same product almost in real time.


It allows to analyze the sales trend of a product. With a similar operation to Google Trends, Trendster indicates whether sales of a product remain stable throughout the year or are seasonal.

It all depends largely on the product you want to sell on Amazon and the niche you are in.


This powerful tool is one of the most used to do the Keyword Research of the products that you want to put on sale on Amazon.

The tool is indicated a keyword and from this come many high quality keywords both for SEO positioning on Amazon and for Amazon Ads campaigns.

Using Magnet’s numerous filters, you can easily narrow down the most relevant keywords to increase traffic and sales.


Cerebro, one of the most popular tools in Helium 10, facilitates the list of keywords with which you are positioning a specific product, your own or the competition.

You just have to copy the ASIN code of the product you want to analyze and Cerebro generates a list of keywords for which that product is positioning.

This report provides a lot of information about competitors, organic ranking, search volume and many more indicators to choose the keywords that are needed. In this tool you can also use several filters to narrow the searches.


This tool creates lists of keywords that generate sales, based on a list of keywords such as those that can be made with Magnet or Cerebro, for example. You can also import lists of search terms outside of Helium 10.

By adjusting the parameters offered by Frankenstein, you can get a list of relevant search terms for the seller to better position their products.

Frankenstein removes all prepositions from the list of keywords, which results in a new list that contains the terms that will be able to get more traffic and more sales.


This tool is responsible for optimizing listings on Amazon. It works with lists that are imported from Frankenstein, but you can import listings that are already active on Amazon.

Scribbles automatically crawls the search terms that have been used and where, in order to provide information about the performance of those keywords. As these keywords are used, the tool crosses them out to indicate it.

Keyword Tracker

As the name suggests, it is a keyword tracker to keep track of them. Just by indicating the ASIN code, you can know how the specific keywords of a product are positioned.

This tracker serves to track the product of a seller and also products that their competitors have, which makes Keyword Tracker a fundamental tool for the study of the competition.

Inventory Protector

This tool allows you to limit the number of products that a single person can buy with a reduced price. With Inventory Protector, the seller can protect themselves from overselling during a promotion or launch offer.

These limits can be set within the Amazon tool (seller central / vendor central), but with this Helium 10 tool the time that has to be dedicated to it is greatly reduced.

Index Checker

This tool allows you to check if the keywords that are being used are indexed for the Amazon algorithm to find.

Index Checker allows you to perform this verification in seconds, which would take hours to do from the Amazon platform because it only allows you to review the indexing word by word. It also identifies the keywords that do not have searches and avoids indexing them, prioritizing the indexing of the keywords with the greatest sales potential.

Genie Refound

Thanks to this tool, you can save a lot of time and effort when it comes to identifying lost or damaged inventory that needs to be refunded by Amazon.

In this way, instead of performing this task manually from the Amazon seller platform, Refund Genie allows you to generate this report in seconds speeding up the process.

Helium 10 extension for Google Chrome

The extension for Chrome is one of the most powerful tools of Helium 10 because it throws very interesting facts about all the products that can be found on Amazon.

Thanks to this extension you can know, for example, the products that a seller has in his inventory, calculate the profitability of a specific product or download the reviews of a product from the competition in seconds.

Above all the tools of the Helium 10 extension for Chrome stands out Xray. This functionality allows you to obtain very complete reports on the products of the competition, you can even see the sales that a certain ASIN has had during the period of time you want.

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