What is A9 algorithm

A9 Algorithm


The A9 Algorithm is an algorithm specific to Amazon,which classifies the products that are displayed in its search engine organically, positioning the first ones depending on the quality with which the product sheet is made. It is not as complex as Google’s algorithm but the operation is very similar, it positions by keywords the products that are for sale within Amazon.

This algorithm decides which product recommendations to show a user, using data from queries that others have made of that same product. These recommendations are based on the customer’s purchasing preferences, previous purchases, and other factors.

Factors affecting the A9 algorithm

These direct factors are very important for the A9 Algorithm to make an accurate ranking when a user performs a search. Thus Amazon positions in first place the products that sell the most in its niche. Some of these positioning factors are:

Product title

The title of the product must include the keyword for which you want to position. But not only that, it is also recommended that the brand, a distinctive feature, the manufacturing material, the color and quantity of the product be indicated in this title, depending on each case.

Hidden keywords

These hidden keywords are only used in the back-end section of an Amazon account. The function of these hidden keywords is to give Amazon’s A9 Algorithm a list of products that targets a specific keyword.

Brand information

That the brand information is as complete as possible is very important, because users usually search for products on Amazon by brand. It is a very essential positioning factor for Amazon, which strives to make the information of the brands that sell in its marketplace as good as possible.

Product description

The product description is one of the most important parts, because this is where you can indicate the most important keywords for organic positioning. The content of the copy has to be clear, natural and convincing if we want SEO on Amazon to take effect.

Product Lists

These lists are easy and quick to scan by the user, so the user can see the products of a brand in a simple way. This improves the conversion rate of a product and makes the A9 Algorithm position it first.

Ranking factors due to performance

They are those positioning factors that Amazon directly controls, but with a successful strategy can be optimized to achieve very good organic results.

The price of the product

The price of the product directly affects the conversion rate. If a Seller sells their product more expensive than items that have the same features, Amazon penalizes them with a lower position in organic search.

Product images

Product images must be of high quality as otherwise algorithm A9 will relegate those products to lower positions. Amazon advises that images be 1000 pixels or larger in width or height. The minimum image size for the Seller Central platform is 500 pixels.

Reviews on Amazon

It is an almost determining positioning factor. The products that have the most reviews are those that are usually better positioned in the search results, so it is best to request that customers who have purchased a product leave their review. Thus, if a product has many positive reviews, it can influence the purchase decision of other potential customers.

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