What is Google Trends

google trendsDefinition:

Google Trends
is a free service from Google that provides graphs that show how often words, phrases, and topics have been searched in a given time. With Google Trends you can compare up to five topics at the same time and also see how often these topics have been mentioned in the news and find out in which geographical regions have been the most searched topics.

Google Trends works by analyzing a portion of Google searches to calculate the number of searches that have been performed with the terms entered, in relation to the total number of searches performed on Google during the same time. Although the data provided by Google Trends is updated daily, Google includes a caveat that the data Trends produces may contain inaccuracies for a number of reasons, including data sampling issues and a variety of approximations that are used to calculate the results.

Queries in Google Trends


It is possible to consult up to five words or topics simultaneously in Google Trends. The results are displayed in a chart, a search volume index. The data in the chart can be exported to a CSV file, which can be opened in Excel and other spreadsheet applications.

A feature called“Current Trends”displays a list of the top search queries of the day in the selected country. Another feature called Google Trends for websites analyzes web traffic, rather than traffic for specific search terms. The data includes unique visitors and a region column, which shows the percentage of visitors from a specific geographic region.

In 2008, Google announced Google Insights for Search, a service that offers more advanced features for viewing search trend data. Google Insights can be used to fine-tune keyword strategies, as it allows you to examine search cycles and specific keyword guidelines and the popularity of a keyword based on location and time range.

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