What is Amazon Brand Store

Brand Store Amazon


Amazon Brand Store is a free Amazon Advertising tool with which we can create and customize a specialized branded destination with a Store. Shoppers can access the Stores through the brand’s own byline, i.e. the brand name link that can appear below or above the product names.

How to use Amazon Brand Store

Stores allow you to create Brand Awareness as it helps buyers to better understand the history of the brand and above all to discover its product catalog. On the other hand, use dynamic content, such as recommended products, in order to help shoppers know the entire catalog of your products. Also, by publicizing the complete portfolio of products, we can get a repeat purchase and therefore, retain customers.

On the other hand, Amazon Brand Store is always active, so we can drive traffic thanks to sponsored advertising, social networks and email. Use Display ad campaigns or use Sponsored Brands to send shoppers to your Store. In addition, sharing your Store on your social media profiles will keep you up to date with the latest news of your brand on Amazon creating brand awareness.

Benefits of Using Amazon Brand Store

  • Create your own branded destination:Ideal for new or emerging sellers. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your story to buyers through the creation of personalized text content, images, and videos.
  • No need to know coding:Designing your own store is relatively easy, thanks to the boxes of contents that can be dragged and dropped wherever we want. In addition, Store has pre-designed templates that have rich media.
  • Amazon.com’s own web address: Thanks to a unique Amazon URL you can attract buyers to your Amazon Brand Store with ads on Amazon and even other activities outside the platform.


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