What is Keyword Research

keyword research


Keyword research is about researching and discovering the most relevant keywords for a website in order to attract a greater number of customers. Keyword research is an important aspect for any online business that wants to draw up a good action plan.

To do this, it is necessary to have a keyword research tool, very useful to collect information from the Internet and discover what interests users or what they are looking for to find a page on sites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can analyze this data to guide your search, and thus obtain better niche options, products and services to achieve income in a business model.

Examples of keyword research tools

The tools that help find the most suitable keywords for SEO and SEM strategies can be divided into four categories:

  1. Those that suggest keywords related to those that interest you.
  2. Those that analyze the competition.
  3. Those that calculate the density of keywords or, what is the same, the number of times they appear and their proportion with the total number of words in the text.
  4. The Keyword Research tools themselves. Some of them include the above functions, so it is not always necessary to use several.

Although there are numerous keyword search tools, many of them paid, these are some examples of the most used:

  • The Google search bar. When you type a keyword in the search engine, itself suggests other terms to complete it. In this way, we can obtain what are called long tail keywords. In this case, the ideal is to open the Google page in incognito mode so that our previous browsing patterns do not influence the responses.
  • Google Suggest. They are the suggested searches that appear at the bottom of the page, below the answers, in the organic search in the search engine. It is another of the basic possibilities offered by Google, although as in the case of the previous one it is preferable to limit its use to very shallow studies and use other specialized tools if what is needed is to make a more exhaustive keyword search.
  • Google Keyword Planner. It is a tool included in the search engine ads platform(Google Ads)and the biggest drawback we find is that it only works reliably if there is an active campaign. Otherwise, only estimates can be obtained.
  • Google Trends. It allows you to discover which have been the most searched keywords over a period of time in a specific place and compare them with other keywords.
  • SemRush. It is one of the most complete tools, both to optimize a website and to study the competition, although it must be taken into account that it is paid.
  • Ahrefs. It works in a similar way to SemRush and allows you to discover why keywords the competition ranks, the number of backlinks it has, etc.

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