What is Amazon Vendor

Amazon Vendor


Amazon Vendor Central is Amazon’s space intended for large companies that want to sell on their Marketplace. Vendor Central is focused on large suppliers and manufacturers. When you sign up as a supplier, Amazon is responsible for distributing your products. In addition, it buys and stores your inventory, as well as takes care of the shipping process, customer service and returns.

How Amazon Vendor Works

The main difference with the Seller Central sales system is that with Vendor Central you do not sell to the end customer but to Amazon. With this type of sales system, Amazon is in charge of selling and positioning your products, first estimating possible sales and working under orders. With this system Amazon decides to bet on items and brands that are strongly positioned in both the national and international market. The main objective of this is to market with all kinds of products.

To be part of Vendor Central, it is Amazon that invites you to join. Amazon will analyze your business model, assess the profitability of it and then get in touch. Once inside, you will receive orders of medium and large volume where your biggest concern will be to send the total inventory requested to the company, since they will take care of the rest.

Advantages of Amazon Vendor Central

  1. Easier to win the Buy Box.
  2. Amazon promotes the brand.
  3. You can add extra information to your products,such as videos.
  4. If you do not have an infrastructure to carry out this type of mass sales, it is a good option.
  5. No concern for returns and customer service.

Disadvantages of Amazon Vendor Central

  1. You cannot make a modification to the listings of a product.
  2. If an Amazon estimate is wrong, it will return the stockto you.
  3. The costs of returning stock are borne by the seller.
  4. You can not carry out advertising campaigns so the competition can gain greater visibility.
  5. You can’t do internal email marketing.


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