What is Amazon Service Provider Network

Amazon Service Provider Network


Amazon Service Provider Network
is Amazon’s network of official providers for Marketplace account management. Its functions include both the performance of daily operations within the Seller Central, as well as price and quantity updates. In addition, this is a place chosen for the creation and improvement of catalogs, as well as communications between buyers and sellers. Such a network also advises you on how to help sellers increase their sales on Amazon.


Amazon Service Provider Network Services

  • Storage:This option allows sellers who do not use FBA to store their products in the countries they ship to so they can make faster delivery to the end customer.
  • Cataloging: is the product cataloging service. It helps you publish new products and optimize offers with Amazon guidelines.
  • Accounting:With this service, network companies will help you reconcile Amazon payments, provide you with profitability analysis, and integrate accounting systems with Amazon Seller Central.
  • Rich content:Cataloguing products with rich content allows you to add more detailed product features and descriptions, which can mean higher conversion.
  • Regulatory compliance:here companies will ensure that the rules, regulations and legislations in force in each country of sale are complied with.
  • International returns:they offer you help when a foreign buyer wants to return a product.
  • International Shipping:This service helps you ship your inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers or overseas shoppers.
  • Excess inventory:There are suppliers that help you liquidate or donate your surplus inventory.
  • Training:The training service provides data on how to sell on Amazon. These trainers will help you in the registration process and all the tools available in Seller Central, as well as the policies.
  • Account Management:Vendors will provide you with hands-on assistance in any day-to-day operation of Seller Central. In addition, they will help you expand your business on Amazon.
  • Taxes:Tax services can help you with monthly, quarterly, or annual tax filing records and filing based on sales and returns.
  • Images:The tool is designed to increase the quality of your images and comply with Amazon guidelines.
  • Ad optimization:this expert help will increase sales of advertising products.
  • FBA Preparation: Aservice that includes product labeling, bagging, storage, quality control, and package creation.
  • Translation:in order to publish the products in other countries, a translation is necessary. These providers will translate all content so that it can be sold internationally.

Advantages of contracting with an Amazon Service Provider Network

Companies that use the Amazon Service Provider Network service have the advantage of having a specialized agency manage their account in this Marketplace. Amazon, on the other hand, has a list of these specialized companies, so that sellers can choose the one they want.

The moment the company decides which service or services it needs, it will be able to contact the Amazon agency that best suits its needs.


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