What is Facebook Timeline

Timeline FacebookDefinition:

The Timeline or timeline is the profile page of the accounts of this social network. Users can use it to publish from status updates, as well as relevant information about your life or major life milestones from birth to the present, in the form of text, image or video.

What is the timeline?

The timeline is the timeline of each user. Each user can configure it in a different way, thus ensuring those that other users can or cannot read. Businesses can also use it on their Facebook page.

Timeline features on Facebook

The functions of the Facebook Timeline is to teach the relevant information of the user to their friends, in a primordial way.

From the moment the account is opened on Facebook, the timeline begins. From that moment on, the events are narrated, progressively, over time.

Development of the Facebook Timeline

The Timeline has its origin in 2012, which not only expanded the functionality of user accounts, but also encouraged users to share more information about themselves and further customize their accounts. From that moment on, users could put a cover photo on Facebook with the chronicle. Information about “likes” can be stored and displayed in its own information field. Social apps can also be used.

Its primary objective is to map the user’s virtual and multimedia life history, from its birth to the present.

It is also an advantage for companies, since Facebook can offer them better segmentation and thus generate more effective ads.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Facebook Timeline

Some advantages of the Facebook Timeline are the following:

  • A more attractive visual design
  • A greater choice of social buttons
  • Manage contact information using smart lists.

The disadvantages of the Facebook Timeline are as follows:

  • The information you can put in, of a personal nature, that can encourage identity theft.
  • Increase the amount of spam
  • Can be easy to locate

How does the Timeline benefit your website?

A good management of the Facebook Timeline implies a support in your reputation. In addition, it allows you to separate the accounts for partners from those for your friends or work team. Last but not least, you can help improve page and brand reputation, as well as company reach, by constantly keeping your Facebook Timeline up to date.

Which businesses can use the Facebook Timeline?

Today it can be used by any company that wants to consolidate its image and capture more leads. To improve the positioning of your company and improve its reach, you must generate quality content, which offers timely information on both the brand and the campaigns or products that are launched to the market.

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