What is Zimbra



is a collaborative computer program that is composed of emails, calendars, contacts, documents, etc. That is, it is a web-based application package that can be deployed as an on-premises private cloud or in the form of an external public cloud service. It is designed for enterprise deployment with the primary goal of integrating a host of collaboration tools.

Zimbra server supports desktop email clients, such as Windows Outlook, and shows compatibility with Windows, Linux, and Apple computer systems. In addition, it provides wireless synchronization with mobile device operating systems such as iOS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Android.

Advantages of Zimbra

Zimbra has been a real success, the integration of several applications in the same tracker has managed to attract millions of users around the world. Among the main advantages of Zimbra we find the following

  • Savings:in relation to other similar programs such as B Roundcube or MS Exchange, Zimbra’s management costs represent a significant saving, in some cases of more than 50%.
  • OpenSource Platform:The open source version of Zimbra allows the different developers of the community to contribute to improving the program in succession, thus multiplying its possibilities.
  • Accessibility:Being a service hosted by cloud computing, it allows the user access from anywhere they have an Internet connection.
  • Personalization:the multiplés options that the work of the community allows us to customize according to the needs of the user.
  • AJAX-based management interface:thanks to the combination of Javascript with XML, the web can update changes without having to reload, thus creating an interactive application.
  • Command interface:Includes a console for entering commands and thus giving instructions to the program.
  • API for bidirectional integration with CRM, ERP, etc.
  • Scalability:zimbra allows us to increase the work capacity without harming its operation, achieving really surprising results.
  • Security:thanks to the open source system we can have an extremely transparent program and in this way much more secure, since it allows the code to be reviewed and security controls to be carried out permanently.

Where to download Zimbra?

Zimbra can be downloaded directly and free of charge from the following link:


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