What is Hotmail


Hotmailis one of Microsoft’s web-based email services, currently called Outlook.

What is Hotmail?

It is a free email messaging service. It is considered Microsoft’s first Internet-based e-mail service.

The user only has to register to start receiving or sending emails. In 2013 it had a total of 900 million customers during its transition to the @outlook.com address.


In 1996 it was created by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith employees of the Apple company. It comes after they leave Apple and go to work at another company (Fire Power System).

In 1997 it was sold for 400 million dollars, Messenger or MSN was introduced, it was practically the basis of its popularity, since it began to launch into different markets and was used in the largest mail server in the world. In 1999 it had more than 30 million members.

Hotmail Features

Hotmail is characterized by having a complete and simple interface. The user can send and receive files in numerous formats without experiencing any problems when opening them. After merging with Outlook, the office web app allows you to view Word, Excel and Power Point files online, as well as edit them. In addition, the interface is more organized and very easy to handle.

It features unlimited storage space. This is one of the main features of the current Hotmail and one of the most appreciated by users. The storage is extended according to the needs of the Internet user.

Allows you to send large files. The new Hotmail merged with Outlook allows you to directly send large files, larger than 25MB.

It can be accessed from any device.

It has a smarter organization. For users who require a more exhaustive classification of their files and documents, Hotmail makes it easy to organize systematically, either by date, subject, file size or conversation.

You can filter out spam. Spam is not a problem, since with the platform there is a very effective software to filter unwanted emails.

Contacts can be found. At present, networking or the creation of a professional network of contacts has become a requirement for a large part of the work. Hotmail also makes it easy, as it is very easy to find many contacts registered on the platform.

The new Hotmail merged with Outlook also includes, among its features, the integration with Skype.