What is Cloud Storage


Cloud storageCloud Storage is a data and file storage service on a remote online server hosted anywhere in the world. This server is managed by third parties external to the user and has numerous functionalities such as personal storage, backups, business storage, shared digital libraries, etc.

These servers can be both public and private and are considered scalable, elastic and multi-purpose systems.



Advantages and disadvantages of Cloud Storage

There is no doubt that the emergence of the cloud has meant a real revolution in the field of computing in many aspects, however there is still a division between those who prefer physical data storage systems, such as hard drives or pen-drives, and cloud advocates. Among the main advantages of the Cloud are:

  • Savings: by concentrating all the software in one place we do not save technical maintenance problems and also having to acquire more hardware to store data and software to run them.
  • Accessibility: just by having an internet connection we can access our files from anywhere and from any device.
  • Scalability: this means that the system can be built depending on the needs of the users so that if at any time we need more space we can expand it.

Regarding the disadvantages of the cloud are:

  • Safety. it is in this aspect where the physical storage supports win by a landslide, in cloud computing we have no control over the security of our data as they are controlled by third parties so they are more vulnerable to cyberattacks.
  • Dependence: we have a total dependence on the Internet to access our files so in case of not having it we will not be able to have them.
  • Legal problems: as the information is stored on servers anywhere in the world, intellectual property conflicts may arise regarding the ownership of the data or legal coverage.

Main Cloud Storage Systems

In a trend in which data increasingly takes up more space, the Cloud storage services have become the most demanded, both by companies and individuals and more and more companies are offering these services, both for free and for a fee. Among the most outstanding websites are.

  • Dropbox
  • Mega
  • One Drive
  • Mediafire
  • Google Drive
  • Amazon Drive
  • Sync
  • iCloud

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