What is Gmail


Google Gmail is an email service developed by the company Google. This is characterized by being totally free and multi-device,so that we can access it from any device as long as we have an Internet connection.

History of Gmail

Born in 2004, Google Gmail initially emerged as an internal communication service among Google employees. When it launched for the standard consumer, Google made a strong bet by offering 1GB of free storage which was much higher than what most email services offered at the time. Taking into account this feature, and although in principle Gmail could only be accessed through invitations from other registered users, the service was popularized quickly,being fully accessible from 2007 and arriving in 2012 to surpass Outlook (Microsoft’s email service) thus becoming email most used worldwide with the overwhelming figure of 1,500 million accounts registered in 2018.

Over the years and in view of its enormous success, Google has focused many efforts on improving the service, progressively increasing its storage and incorporating new functionalities.



Gmail Features

Gmail is characterized by a simple interface,easy to use for any type of user and integrated with the Google search engine. It is based on a programming language that combines JavaScript and XML, known as Ajax in a way that resembles in many ways locally installed email programs. Gmail is one of the emails that offers more memory to its users for free, currently that figure reaches 15GB.

One of the main virtues of Gmail is its diversity of functions in terms of search, filtering and classification of messages, with a centralized mail storage that allows us to label the emails received and group them into several subcategories.

Among the added functions that Google has been incorporating over the years is a chat for users, a phone call service, anti-spam function and user blocking, in addition to being a very relevant tool for the SEO since the Gmail results appear in the SERPs of the personalized search.

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