What is ERP


(Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software that serves to manage the business processes of a company. It has the ultimate purpose of unifying business processes and enabling a better use of data to make decisions optimally.

What is ERP?

ERP systems are one of the main sources of data that serve to design the strategies and actions of a company. In other words, it is a tool whose ultimate purpose is to plan the resources of the company.

It is configured based on different modules that computerize and centralize information, so that they help manage the various departments of a company in an automated way.

What is an ERP for?

ERP is intended to serve as a support to organize all the key information of all the departments that are part of a company. Among the functions they can perform is to attend to the areas of accounting, human resources, finance, production, inventories, sales, among others. One of its main utilities is to facilitate communication between areas and teams for better decision making.

One of the greatest advantages of ERP is to have various modules that are progressively incorporated into a business as it grows.

How ERP can help a company’s marketing strategy

The specific functionalities that you can perform to support the marketing strategy of a company are the following:

  • Identify potential customers. It allows to obtain information about the typical customers who may be interested in the products and services of the company. It can be achieved through the creation of forms, the analysis of interactions on social networks or activity on the website, among many other factors.
  • Detect and anticipate possible customer needs. It allows to analyze the behaviors of the users, through knowing their interests and the products or services that may interest them. It not only helps to know the expectations of users, but also to create new needs for future customers.
  • Add value. Add value to user information. Quality content both on the web and on social networks is one of the best tactics to attract customers to the company.
  • Metrics. ERP also has analytical tools that allow metrics based on different filters and analyze the results to determine the most effective strategy.

ERP Software Example

  • Sage CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Netsuite
  • a3ERP