What is Windows



Windows is an operating system developed by the American company Microsoft. Emerged during the decade of the 80s, its popularization was such that it reached 90% of the market share of operating systems worldwide. Its most remarkable feature, from which it extracts the name, is a graphical interface based on window navigation (tasks), leaving behind the scripts and providing it with great success. Within the operating system have been included specific applications developed by Micrososft such as a webbrowser, video player, security program, etc …

Major versions of Windows

Throughout the history of Windows there have been numerous versions, some with more transcendence and success than others. Among the most outstanding are:

  • Windows 95: In August 1995 the first version of Windows was released as an operating system itself, because to date it had only been a graphical environment. This version was a real revolution with such important novelties as the taskbar and the home button or the possibility of writing names for files of more than 8 characters. All these implementations led to excellent public acceptance.
  • Windows 98: Between 1998 and 1999 two editions of this new version were released that opted for self-optimization and introduced notable improvements in performance and optimization in addition to a notable increase in storage capacity on the hard disk.
  • Windows XP: after the failed launch of Windows Me, Microsoft made a considerable effort to launch in 2001 Windows XP, a much more efficient and stable version than its predecessors, although in the negative aspect highlights its lack of security that forced it to incorporate numerous patches since its release. Among its most outstanding novelties was the appearance of user accounts or a new management interface. It is the most popular version to date, with more than 500 million users and remaining 12 years on the market.
  • Windows Vista:After the success of Windows XP, the release of Windows Vista in 2007 left a bittersweet taste. Despite incorporating remarkable novelties such as the preview of the windows when sliding the mouse or the transparency or the windows, the security and performance problems ended up giving a very negative reputation to this version.
  • Windows 7: launched in 2009, it is one of the best valued versions and best sales garnered, thanks to a new improved graphical interface, optimization in performance, and compatibility with touch systems.
  • Windows 8:Microsoft tried to completely revolutionize its operating system in 2012 with the release of a version fully adapted to touch devices and lacking a start button, which proved too unpleasant for users.
  • Windows 10:This is the last version released to date, in 2015, which seems to have returned to the success of XP and Windows 7. Currently Microsoft’s policy in this regard is to release 1 update every 6 months.

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