What is Video marketing

Video marketing


Video marketing is the use of video to promote or advertise a brand, product or service. This type of video usually includes testimonials, videos of live events, explanations of how to do something or instructions, corporate training, viral, etc. Recorded webinars can also be included in this method. Video marketing has become one of the most powerful online marketing tools, largely driven by a growing consumption of this type of format on the Internet in recent years, where currently more than 100 million users consume videos every day representing more than three quarters of all the content consumed on the network.

Video marketing to capture visits

Advertisers can get a large number of views with a single video by incorporating it into all marketing channels, from email to appearing on landing pages. Many studies show that video can increase the ranking on a Google website, increase conversions, click trough rate and much more.

Advantages of Video Marketing

More and more companies are launching into video marketing due to the numerous advantages it offers:

  • Reach:video has become the undisputed king of content on the web, so performing video marketing strategies means being able to target millions of daily users.
  • Virality:another advantage of video is that it is one of the contents that is most shared on the internet. The vast majority of the videos that are shared on the internet are emotional in nature, so it is a factor that we will have to take into account if we want our videos to expand quickly.
  • Engagement:through videos we can communicate our message much more effectively than in other formats, its ability to generate emotions in users is undoubtedly a great endorsement when it comes to generating engagement.
  • Positioning:being a type of content that is consumed for longer than the rest this allows us to improve organic positioning and thus rise in the ranking of search engines.
  • Accessible:it is a type of content that any brand, having the resources it has, can perform. Videos do not have to be expensive, on the contrary, the limit will be set by us.

Where to do video marketing

There are more and more platforms on the internet that allow us to incorporate videos to carry out our video marketing strategy. Among the most outstanding are:

  • Youtube: the undisputed king of video on the internet, this social network dedicated exclusively to the viewing of videos has become the second most used social network in the world as well as an excellent promotional tool for brands.
  • Facebook/Twitter: These two popular social networks allow us to introduce videos into our publications, either recorded by ourselves or shared through another social network such as Youtube.
  • Instagram:the revolutionary photography network invites you to a video profile of shorter duration, either within our feed or through the “stories”, dynamic stories of less than 30 seconds.
  • Vine:this social network is characterized because its videos can not exceed 6 seconds in length, so the strategy to be employed must be much more direct and impactful.
  • Periscope: tool oriented to the publication of videos in streaming.

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