What is Behavioral Marketing

Behavioral MarketingDefinition:

Behavioral marketing is an advertising model that is based on using tracking cookies in browsers. Through the installation of cookies, it is possible to collect information about the interests of consumers through their Internet searches.

What is behavioral marketing?

Behavioral marketing is any type of advertising or commercial action that is based on the behavior of both users and the target audience in order to send a relevant message.

Behavior refers to pages visited on the Internet, previously purchased products, interests shown on social networks

Currently it is a technique that acquires a lot of importance in the industry because it focuses on personalization and microsegmentation with the aim of showing more relevant ads.

In the end, potential customers receive advertising that interests them and not in a massive way, without being interested in what they are seeing.

How does online behavioral advertising work?

Behavioral advertising is possible thanks to the internet and cookies. Through cookies, information is collected, anonymously, about the preferences of people in order to adapt the ads to them.

In a simpler way it could be said that cookies show what users and brands can read as a reference and show them what they want.

What is its importance in marketing?

Behavioral advertising is increasingly important within online marketing. With them, digital businesses have managed to boost the number of conversations they record.

It is also used to track the most demanded products of the moment and thus reorient your business strategy. This way, they can offer what you’re really looking for.

It has meant a change in the conception of marketing strategies.

Problems: Information Protection

One of the biggest problems it can pose is the existence of users who are comfortable with web pages keeping track of their activities.

Therefore, it is very important that in behavioral or behavioral advertising that users are given the option to choose the treatment. In addition, a European law must be taken into account that has to be applied in these cases: The Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD).

In the LOPD, web pages are obliged to inform about the destination of the data and offer facilities to eliminate any trace of their information.

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