What is Advocacy Marketing

Advocacy Marketing


The Advocacy Marketing, also called Brand Advocacy is the area of marketing focused on obtaining recommender clients or brand advocates, this is defenders of the brand that promote it through positive reviews or recommendations, usually in the online field, such as social networks, forums, blogs, communities, etc …



Advocacy Marketing Strategies

Often the recommendations of users can be more effective than any action carried out by the brand alone, so companies are interested in moving and carrying out strategies in order to get these “brand spokespersons”:

  • Influencers: influencers are a very profitable option since they already have formed a legion of followers who trust them. We can establish trusting relationships with them, give them free samples to showcase their experience with the product or service, and turn them into ambassadors for our brand.
  • Gamification: gamification campaigns motivate users to actively participate and relate positively to our brand. Based on the principle of reciprocity many of these users will end up becoming advocates of our brand.
  • Employee Advocacy: who better to promote your brand than your own employees; Employee advocacy is based on this principle so that employees, proud to be part of your organization and the values that the company represents, become the main recommenders.
    Virality: generate useful and relevant content that encourages users to share it through social networks. Good content can transform a standard user into an advocate for our brand.
  • Customer service: the better the service we provide to our customers, the better their experience and this will lead to an increase in positive opinions and recommendations.

Advantages of Advocacy Marketing

  • Customer loyalty: Advocacy Marketing is a very effective tool to increase the engagement of our customers, one of the main objectives of marketing today.
  • Profitability: and it is that a well-executed advocay strategy allows us to increase sales and notable results with not very high investments.
  • Improve your brand image: thanks to the recommendations and positive opinions of our ambassadors we will get the virtues of our brand to penetrate deeper into the minds of consumers.

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